For all the saints – a new sanctoral weblog

One of the features of The Confessing Reader has been the posting of the commemorations of the saints in the sanctoral calendars of the Churches of the Anglican Communion, along with some commemorations from the Lutheran Book of Worship.

A new weblog, For All the Saints, will continue that function of The Confessing Reader. For each commemoration, or “lesser feast” as The Episcopal Church’s sanctoral supplement to the Book of Common Prayer described them, I will post a brief biographical sketch, the collect for the commemoration, and the propers for the day (or a link to the Lectionary Page’s propers for the day). For most of the posts, there will also be an icon, or an iconographic depiction, of the saint whom we are commemorating and for whom we are giving thanks that day.

While most of the entries will be sanctoral commemorations, I will also provide brief descriptions (and icons or other artwork) for those Feasts of our Lord that fall outside Sundays (such as the Holy Name of Jesus, the Epiphany, the Presentation of our Lord, the Annunciation, etc.). My prayer is that this will provide a devotional help to enable us more nearly to realize what we confess in the Apostles’ Creed: “I believe…in the communion of saints”.

Tomorrow being the First Sunday of Advent and the beginning of the new Church year, the first entry in the new weblog will be that for St Andrew on November 30.


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