Notre Dame

My wife found a lovely and deeply personal essay (really, more of a letter) on the First Things weblog, written by a young woman who became pregnant during her senior year at Notre Dame, and how – despite the complete lack of compassion on the part of her boyfriend (the father of the child) – she was supported and encouraged by the Blessed Virgin Mary, her parents and a few caring friends.

God bless Lacy Dodd, her child, her parents and her supportive friends. May none of our own prolife talk be mere “dining room talk”.

As I think about the role of Mary in this, I am reminded of of what Dr George Weigel wrote in a biographical sketch for Pope John Paul the Second in the book Great Spirits 1000-2000: The Fifty-Two Christians Who Most Influenced Their Millennium (I don’t endorse the whole book, by the way):

Mary’s last recorded words, at the wedding feast of Cana, were, “Do whatever he tells you.” True devotion to Mary always points beyond Our Lady to her Son, the incarnate Word of God, a Trinity of self-giving love and receptivity. Thus Mary is the paradigm of all discipleship.

Do whatever Jesus tells you to do. The essence of discipleship and of Marian devotion.


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