Plus ça change….

To such a degree of temerity has this our senseless age advanced, that there is scarcely anything in Christianity itself which is not either called into doubt in private, or made matter of controversy in public. So much so, that even those doctrines and rites, which many ages back, and from the very beginning of the Church, have everywhere been received, at last in these our days come into hazard and are assailed, just as if we were the first Christians, and all our ancestors had assumed and borne the mere name of Christ, and nothing more…Forsooth in these full late times, it seems new lights are boasted of, new and greater gifts of the Holy Spirit are pretended; and therefore new forms in the use of all ecclesiastical administrations are daily framed and commonly adopted…Hence these tears, hence so many horrible schisms in the Church.

Bishop William Beveridge (1637-1708), Preface to his Codex Canonum Ecclesiae vindicatus ac illustratus (1678), quoted in Judith Pinnington, Anglicans and Orthodox: Unity and Subversion 1559-1725.


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